Dental Crowns in Cupertino

Dental Crowns in Cupertino, CA

If a tooth has more extensive decay, a dental crown may be the ideal aesthetic and functional restorative solution.

Choosing to have a crown placed can preserve a natural tooth, which is always the goal as preserving a natural tooth helps maintain the supporting bone structure and stability of the surrounding and adjacent teeth.

The first step in the process is to take a digital impression that will be used to make a model of the teeth and bite.  This allows the crown to be made to look and function like your natural tooth.  The tooth will then be prepped, with the decayed areas being removed. A digital impression of the prepped tooth will be made so that the final crown will fit properly when it is placed.

Typically, the final crown will be placed on the same day. Other times, a temporary crown will be placed while your final restoration is being created. 

Crowns are typically made from ceramic/porcelain. Other materials, such as gold, may occasionally be used based on the needs of the situation and the desires of the patient.