Cosmetic Bonding in Cupertino

Cosmetic Bonding In Cupertino, CA

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When a tooth is chipped, discolored, or cracked, cosmetic bonding is a procedure that allows us to improve its appearance in under an hour. We use natural looking composite material to reshape your tooth or match its color to your other teeth.

Although repairing damage is the most common reason why patients choose to have dental bonding, sometimes their teeth are healthy but they feel unhappy with the size, shape, or gaps. Bonding is a great solution for these issues as well.

Common Questions About Dental Cosmetic Bonding

What can I expect during the procedure?

You don’t need to do anything special before your appointment. When you come in, we’ll work together to choose a composite resin color to match your natural teeth. To make sure the bonding can adhere to the surface of your tooth, we’ll remove some of the enamel. Next, we apply a special liquid that allows our bonding agent to stick to your tooth.

Once your tooth has been prepared, it’s time to bond it. We will smooth the composite resin onto your tooth and form it to match its original shape and fit in naturally with your other teeth. The final step is curing the resin with an ultraviolet light.

Bonding is fast and painless, often requiring no anesthesia. You’ll be able to return to work immediately after the procedure.

How does bonding compare to other restorative and cosmetic dental treatments?

If you’re considering cosmetic bonding, you may also be thinking about veneers or crowns as other options to restore the appearance of your teeth. Both veneers and crowns are stronger than bonding material, although like bonding, they will need to be replaced periodically. Generally speaking, we recommend bonding for more minor cosmetic issues; veneers are more suitable when we’re working on a large number of teeth and crowns are a better fit for situations where damage is significant and impacts the integrity of the tooth structure.

Is cosmetic bonding expensive?

We can’t tell you how much your bonding procedure will cost until we evaluate your teeth in person. Dental insurance does not always cover the cost, but the good news is that bonding is less expensive than veneers and crowns.

What can I do to maintain my bonded teeth?

The resin we use for bonding is strong, but not as strong as natural teeth. Chipping and breaking is not uncommon; to avoid this, don’t bite down on hard foods and avoid chewing on anything that could cause damage.

Composite resin can stain, so if you smoke, drink coffee or black tea, or are not diligent with brushing, your bonded teeth may become discolored. Brush twice a day and floss at least once. Coming in for routine dental exams every six months will help us spot any potential problems before they become serious.

You can expect to have to replace your bonding every 5 to 10 years.

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