Using Your Custom Whitening Trays:

Follow the instructions given by our office, placing the whitening gel in the center of each tooth position on the tray so that the gel will rest against the front surfaces of the teeth once it is placed in your mouth.

Wear trays for the recommended time.

Rinse the mouth and gently remove any gel remaining on your teeth with a soft bristle toothbrush.

Clean the trays with a toothbrush and clear liquid soap.

Following Whitening:

Teeth are more susceptible to staining for the first 48 hours following whitening treatments. For the first 48 hours after whitening, it is best to avoid dark-colored foods or beverages that can stain your teeth. Any item that can stain your clothes can also stain your teeth.

Avoid berries, cola or other dark sodas, red wine, coffee and tea, tobacco, ketchup, and soy sauce or other dark sauces.